Monday, September 15

Mexican saddle on sale!.

Need to move my merchandise. I'm selling this saddle, it has a price of $1,100 USD, it includes breast collar, headstall, spurs straps, cinch and blanket. A extra item: Whip and reins.

15" saddle.

Now for sale: $850 USD, a bargain!, last piece.

Do not includes shipping.


Tuesday, January 28

Welcome to our mexican saddles Blog!

We are working again to give you more information about us, our work and news and offers we have for you.

Now we are working on a special order of a 100 pairs of spurs straps, simple but good leather, resistant for a special work they will have.

Then we have two new saddle orders, a friends from Oregon and California, two hand made mexican saddles with custom brand and design.

Also an order of 4 show headstalls and reins, two with conchos and two with rawhide braiding work... so we are busy this week and the next 2 or 3....thanks to God.

New pics and videos are coming to our blog, please don't forget us!.

Best Regards!.